March 30, 2023

Best Star Wars costumes: Halloween, cosplay, and fancy dress outfits

Best Star Wars costumes: Halloween, cosplay, and fancy dress outfits
Best Star Wars costumes: Halloween, cosplay, and fancy dress outfitsBest Star Wars costumes: Halloween, cosplay, and fancy dress outfits

The best Star Wars Halloween costumes aren’t hidden a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away – they’re right here, ready to fuel your spooky-season celebrations with a healthy helping of force powers, blasters, and lightsabers.

With nine main films, two spin-off flicks, and a host of TV shows, cartoons, comics, games, and novels to draw inspiration from, these Star Wars outfits and costumes let you take on the role of some of the greatest heroes, villains, and aliens in all of science fiction history. Instantly recognizable and with some great props, masks, and even pet versions to choose from, there’s something for everyone in the Star Wars universe, with a menagerie of characters to suit all tastes.

Star Wars Halloween costumes let you wear your fandom without having to don a gory horror suit either, making them appropriate for young and old alike. There’s no need to squirm at the thought of facing the sight of some terror in the mirror before heading out trick or treating. And they don’t need to break the bank either, with plenty of affordable options available to let you live out your Jedi dreams without owing a Hutt-sized debt.

So, whether you’re looking to growl like a Wookie, sharpshoot like a Mandalorian, or wisecrack like a smuggler, we’ve rounded up the best Star Wars Halloween costumes to help make your fancy dress outfit out of this world. 

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Best Star Wars Halloween Costumes for Kids

1. Yoda

Star Wars Costume_Yoda Kid/Child Costume

(Image credit: Amazon)

Yoda Deluxe Costume (Child)

Price: $34.16 | Age: 3 to 4 years old | Batteries required?: No

Includes hooded robe

Excellent rubber mask

Does not include gloves

Make your little one the most powerful Jedi of all with this funny little Yoda costume. Complete with the Jedi Master’s robe and a rubber mask (that makes Yoda look a little angry, actually!), your youngling will be ready to take on an army of Sith Lords and, if you’re lucky, give you a few moments of peace by play-acting a little Jedi meditation, too.

2. X-wing Pilot

Star Wars Costume_Deluxe X-Wing Pilot Kid/Child Costume

(Image credit: Amazon)

Deluxe X-Wing Pilot (Child)

Price: From $36.38 | Sizes: S, M, L | Batteries required?: No

Great helmet headpiece

Detailed costume, including boot covers

Nowhere to park your X-wing

By the time your kid is an adult they might live in an age where shooting off in a spaceship is a possibility. So, get some early training in by kitting them out in this X-wing fighter pilot’s costume. With a plastic helmet that includes a visor, it’s a really detailed outfit, and includes everything they need to pull off a Death Star trench run – minus the X-wing itself, of course. 

3. BB-8

Star Wars Costume_BB-8 Kid/Child Costume

(Image credit: Amazon)

The Force Awakens BB-8 Inflatable Costume (Child)

Price: From $31.92 | Ages: 5 to 8 years old (one size) | Batteries required?: Yes (4 AA, not included)

You ARE BB-8

Clever inflatable design

Needs batteries

Your feet stick out of the bottom 

This BB-8 outfit is one of our favorites. Just look at it! Inflating safely around your child using an internal fan (and designed to prevent any chance of a choking hazard), your little one turns into the rotund, rolling break-out star of the Star Wars sequel trilogy. Matching the ball-like droid’s patterns precisely, it’s a really innovative take on a costume that might otherwise have seemed impossible.

4. Jedi

Star Wars Costume_Jedi Robes kid/child costume

(Image credit: Amazon)

Hooded Jedi Robe (Child)

Price: $25.55 | Ages: 5 to 7 years old (S, M, L) | Batteries required?: No

A classic Star Wars outfit

Perfect for accessorizing to make your own look 

Lightsaber not included 

Perhaps the most recognizable of all Star Wars costumes, this Jedi robe keeps things simple with its hood, tunic, and belt. While it doesn’t include the lightsaber, it’s a great base from which to customize your own unique Jedi look. And, when your kid is tired of their Star Wars infatuation, it’ll make for a perfect monk’s robe! 

5. The Mandalorian

Star Wars Costume_The Mandalorian kid/child costume

(Image credit: Amazon)

The Mandalorian (Child)

Price: $79.99 | Sizes: XS, S, M, L | Batteries required?: No

A deluxe, feature-rich costume

Includes ammo belt and helmet

Baby Yoda not included 

A modern favorite, if you want your kid to look like the coolest bounty hunter in the galaxy, this is the way. The Mandalorian is the best of the new slew of Star Wars films and TV shows, and this costume really brings the character to life with its helmet (thankfully removable!) cape, ammo belt, gloves, chest piece, and boot toppers. It’s a more expensive outfit, but it’s one of the most fully-realized on this list.

Best Star Wars Halloween Costumes for Adults

1. Darth Vader

Star Wars Costume_Darth Vader Adult Costume

(Image credit: Amazon)

Darth Vader

Price: $54.99 | Sizes: Standard size (up to a 46-inch chest, 36-40-inch waist, and a 33-inch inseam), X-large size (up to a 50-inch chest, 42-46-inch waist, and a 34-inch inseam) | Batteries required?: No

A deluxe, feature-rich costume

Includes ammo belt and helmet

Lightsaber not included

Needing no introduction, this Darth Vader costume has everything you need, aside from a blood red lightsaber, to take on the role of the ultimate Dark Lord of the Sith. With an injection molded mask, printed chest piece, belt, cape, and boot toppers, you’ll be ready to take on any Jedi scum that gets in your way.

2. Chewbacca

Star Wars Costume_Chewbacca the Wookiee Costume

(Image credit: Amazon)

Chewbacca (Supreme Edition)

Price: $309.97 | Sizes: One size (fits up to jacket size 44) | Batteries required?: No

The ultimate faux-fur Chewbacca costume

Head to toe outfit includes mask and bandolier

Could get very hot

This one’s a bank-breaker, but you really get what you pay for with this ‘Supreme’ Chewbacca get-up. A head-to-toe faux-fur outfit, you could have walked straight off the set of one of the films in this costume, complete with shoe covers and furry gloves. Time to perfect that Wookiee growl.

3. Princess Leia

Princess Leia Star Wars costume

Princess Leia to go here (Image credit: Amazon)

Leia (A New Hope)

Price: $36.95 | Sizes: One size | Batteries required?: No

Flowing 70s style outfit

Includes classic wig

Consider picking up a blaster prop, too

That hairdo. That hairdo. Princess Leia’s classic look in all its glory. You’ve no need to be a professional hair stylist to get the iconic style, with an easy-to-wear donut wig. The belt could be better, and you’re going to have to double check sizes as this is a one-size-fits-all outfit, but it is a great recreation of the classic 1977 costume.

4. Stormtrooper

Star Wars Costume_Adult Stormtrooper Costumer

(Image credit: Amazon)

Deluxe Stormtrooper

Price: $69.99 | Sizes: M, L (standard), XL | Batteries required?: No

Over-clothing armor

Cool mask

Gloves and blaster not included

You may be a little short for a stormtrooper, but that won’t stop you from joining the ranks of the Empire’s grunts in this costume. With a lightweight mask, gauntlets, codpiece, and chest piece, all you’ll need to complete the look here is a pair of black gloves and a blaster prop.

5. The Mandalorian

Star Wars Costume_The Mandalorian Adult Costume

(Image credit: Amazon)

The Mandalorian (Beskar Armor)

Price: From $45.11 | Sizes: L (standard), XL | Batteries required?: No

Comfy half mask

Padded jumpsuit, bandolier, and cape

Blaster not included

Who’s better, Boba Fett or The Mandalorian? That’s not an argument we’re prepared to answer, but we do know that this Mando outfit will have you ready to take down thugs not just in your neighborhood, but all across the galaxy. Now, get your little’un dressed up as baby Yoda, Grogu, and you’ll be good to go!

Best Star Wars Halloween Costumes for Dogs

1. Dewback

Star Wars Costume_Dewback Pet Costume for Dog

(Image credit: Amazon)

Dewback (Pet)

Price: From $23.20 | Batteries required?: No

Includes 3D stormtrooper rider


Suggested for smaller dogs only

From the doghouse to the dusty deserts of Tatooine, prepare your pooch for battle with this fun Dewback costume. With a small, lightweight stormtrooper rider that sits on your dog’s back, your pup becomes a half-dog, half-space lizard, ready for action. Just be careful not to catch any longer hairs in the outfit’s Velcro strapping.

2. Bantha

Star Wars Costume_Bantha Pet Costume for Dog

(Image credit: Amazon)

Bantha (Pet)

Price: From $69.99 | Batteries required?: No

Includes Tusken Raider rider and horns


Suggested for medium-sized dogs

This one’s for slightly larger dogs, and would suit longer-haired, sandy-colored pooches perfectly. Complete with horns, saddle, and a miniature Tusken Raider, this turns your dog into one of the mammoth-like desert walkers from the Star Wars films. It’s a little looser fitting than some dog outfits too, making it a little more comfortable for your pet.

3. Ewok

Star Wars Costume_Ewok Pet Costume for Dog

(Image credit: Amazon)

Ewok (Pet)

Price: From $19.99 | Batteries required?: No

Cowl-neck style outfit

Different sizes for all dogs

Can be pulled off easily

Some cute dogs already look like little fluffy bears, but if you want to give them a space-aged makeover, this Ewok outfit will transport them right to the Forest Moon of Endor. As it’s a cowl design that sits over your pet’s head and in front of them, it should remain lightweight, comfy, and easy to remove, too. Yub nub!

4. Yoda

Star Wars Costume_Yoda Pet Costume for Dog

(Image credit: Amazon)

Yoda (Pet)

Price: From $13.51 | Batteries required?: No

Includes costumed legs and arms, as well as Yoda ears

Different sizes for all dogs

Does not include back cover

Got a dog that loves rolling around in muck? They’re well suited to becoming the most famous denizen of the swamp planet of Dagobah, the Jedi Master Yoda. A front-facing outfit that makes your pet look as if he’s running along in Jedi robes, it comes complete with a strap on hat with Yoda’s signature green ears.