February 5, 2023

New ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ footage lands at NYCC with cast announcements

New ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ footage lands at NYCC with cast announcements
New ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ footage lands at NYCC with cast announcementsNew ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ footage lands at NYCC with cast announcements

The feature-length first episode of “Star Trek: Prodigy,” the newest animated entry into the “Star Trek” universe on the streaming service Paramount+, warped into New York Comic Con on Sunday (Oct. 11) along with new footage of its hologram Janeway and all we can say is: it’s really good. Really good.

In addition to Prodigy’s first episode (the show itself premieres Oct. 28 on Paramount+), NYCC’s sneak panel also announced that Daveed Diggs (“Star Wars Resistance”) Jameela Jamil (“She-Hulk”), Jason Alexander (“Seinfeld”) and Robert Beltran have joined the season one voice cast with recurring roles. Diggs will voice Commander Tysess, Jamil will voice Ensign Asencia, Alexander will voice Doctor Noum and Beltran will reprise his “Star Trek: Voyager” role as Captain Chakotay. You may want to check out our guide on where to stream all of the Star Trek series online to prepare for the new show. 

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Truth be told, we're more excited about

 Truth be told, we’re more excited about “Prodigy” than we are either Season 2 of “Picard” or Season 4 of “Discovery.”  (Image credit: Paramount+)

The new show from Paramount+ and Nickelodeon follows five kids who are incarcerated on an obscure planet in an uncharted part of the galaxy. They escape from their imprisonment and race across the planet to find a defunct experimental starship buried below the planet’s surface and they’ve never heard of Starfleet or the Federation.  

They enter the ship, but are unable to make it work. With prison guards hot on their heels, they suddenly stumble upon a Training Hologram in the form of Capt. Kathryn Janeway from the Voyager series. It’s up to Janeway’s hologram to teach them how to navigate the cosmos, while they are pursued by the Diviner (John Noble) and Drednok (Jimmi Simpson) who want the ship for themselves.

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 Provided “Prodigy” doesn’t fall into the trap of relying on nostalgia, it promises to a fresh, exciting new show. (Image credit: Paramount+)

The New York Comic Con Star Trek panel featured a live in-person conversation with series voice cast members Kate Mulgrew (Hologram Kathryn Janeway), Brett Gray (Dal), Rylee Alazraqui (Rok-Tahk), Dee Bradley Baker (Murf), writers Kevin and Dan Hageman, executive producer Ben Hibon and Ramsey Naito, President, Animation & Development, Paramount Animation. Dawnn Lewis, who voices Captain Carol Freeman on “Lower Decks,” moderated and you can watch a replay of the panel here

The show will premiere on Oct.28 on Paramount+ in the US with a feature-length, one-hour episode. The series will also be available to stream on Paramount+ in international territories including Latin America, the Nordics and Australia.

The second season of “Star Trek: Lower Decks” is currently airing on Paramount+, together with all three seasons of “Star Trek: Discovery.

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