December 7, 2021

Black Friday stomp rocket deals: Easy-to-use water and stomp rockets for your kids

Is there a space fanatic in your family who loves all things rockets? Then snag then a bargain with these Black Friday stomp rocket deals.

Blasting off right now, we found several at-home toy rockets on sale. From backyard stomp rockets to light-up rockets, these are a sure-fire fit for the rocket lover in your family. Just make sure to move fast to avoid supply chain issues.

More advanced kids may enjoy model rockets, so we also rounded up the best model rockets of 2021 along with all the accessories you’ll need, including motors, wadding and other things. But for the younger set, stomp rockets are a satisfying way to learn the basics of how rockets work.

Stomp rockets are the perfect introduction for young children to learn about rocketry and associated skills in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). Everything comes in the kit and these rockets are very durable, allowing for hours of play with very little setup. Many manufacturers tout these rockets as portable enough for camping trips or long-distance travel, due to their small size.

Below are the best Black Friday Stomp Rocket deals we found on stomp rockets for kids and — let’s face it — for adults who love an excuse to yardapult cool stuff in the air. We will keep you posted as deals come in over the next few days. As Buzz Lightyear once advised us, to infinity and beyond!

Why Stomp Rockets are great gifts for science-curious kids

Kids are more interested in rockets than ever thanks to all the innovation going on in the industry. We have companies successfully able (or in final testing) to land rockets by themselves, including SpaceX, Blue Origin and Rocket Lab. Other entities are trying to decrease the cost of manufacturing to make launch costs better. We are seeing innovations like 3D printing and automation to make rockets lighter and more agile for multiple types of payloads.

Even for those kids who are more interested in branching out to other fields in STEM, playing with stomp rockets allows them to learn more about physics. Rockets, as they will find out quickly, generate thrust through a narrow nozzle. In space rockets we use fuel and an oxidant to create a chemical reaction. 

The stomp rockets your kids will use instead have air or water as the main ingredient, but it’s a great start and satisfying fun for a family outing. Stomp rockets are an especially great activity for socially distanced gatherings, as these boosters are designed to be used outside. With the rockets shooting dozens of feet (or meters) into the air at least, you’ll be sure to keep your kids on the run and happily experiencing STEM in safe, small gatherings.

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