September 29, 2022

Save 18% on this Estes NASA SLS Flying Model Rocket kit

Save 18% on this Estes NASA SLS Flying Model Rocket kit
Save 18% on this Estes NASA SLS Flying Model Rocket kitSave 18% on this Estes NASA SLS Flying Model Rocket kit

You can save 18% on an Estes NASA SLS Flying Model Rocket Kit when you grab it from Amazon, which provides perfect outdoor entertainment for late Summer. 

The 18% discount (opens in new tab) (which totals over $13) is really not a bad price for this rocket, as we’ve seen it go for over $74 as recently as May. It’s also perfect for enjoying the long Summer evenings, while they’re here and this model in particular is easy-to-assemble, so it’s perfect for beginners who don’t want to be bogged down in the building of a rocket. You can always check out our best model rockets guide for other great models.

This rocket comes pre-finished so it’s perfect for budding astronauts and those without much experience in building model rockets, as they won’t waste any precious flying time with the assembling of the model. In order to launch the rocket, you will need to buy separate parts unfortunately. If you’re looking for other space related entertainment to enjoy outdoors, be sure to check out our best telescopes, best telescope for beginners and telescope deals guides. 

Aside from being perfect for beginners, what makes this rocket so awesome? Well, it has an approximate altitude of 350 feet when launched, which is means it will become an imposing figure as it blasts off into the air and will no doubt be cool to watch.

The other thing to note with this model is that it looks cool just sitting on display and is a great model to show off to friends. It’s a scale replica of the Project Artemis Block 1 configuration, which is the first in the proposed line of heavy lift launch vehicles. The fins also act as a display stand so you don’t have to worry about getting one separately. 

However, you will have to purchase everything else separately. Estes Porta-Pad II Launch Pad and Electron Beam Launch Controller, Estes model rocket engines (C5-3, C6-3 recommended), starters and recovery wadding. Despite this, this is still a pretty decent price for what is no doubt an impressive model rocket. 18% off (opens in new tab) for a sure-fire way to launch the last of the Summer fun is not something to be dismissed so easily. 

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